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Found near Indian Ocean, coast of Egypt
Gender Ratio:

100% Male, 100% Female

The Abyssinian is a breed of domestic cats.

Breed Edit

The Abyssinian was first found near the Indian Ocean near the coast of Egypt. It has a distinctive ticked Tabby coat and its individual hairs are branded with different colors.

History Edit

The breed of this cat called Abyssinian was first developed in Great Britain. The name Abyssinian refers to the Ethiopia in which the widely spread stories of British soldiers traveling to West Africa in the nineteenth century and returning home with kittens purchased from local traders.

Appearance Edit

The Abyssinian is a slender fine-boned medium sized cat. Its head is moderately wedged shaped with a slight break at the muzzle, nose, and chin forming a straight vertical line. They have very large pointed ears that are always alert. Their eyes are almond shaped and are gold, green, hazel, or copper depending on their coat color. Its legs is long in proportion to a graceful body small oval paws; its tail is likewise long and tapering.

Personality Edit

Abyssinian are smart, friendly, nosy, and loyal. They love being around humans and are good at getting what they want.

Noteable Abyssianians Edit

Roscoe♂ Edit

Roscoe is a cat owned by the Kleckners. He is known as a scaredy-cat due to being scared of everything.