Angus is a cat owned by the Kleckner family. He is a orange tabby.

History Edit

Angus's life with his previous owners are unknown, but he was presumably either abused or neglected by them. He was taken to the Oakland Pet County kill-shelter by his owners, but was rescued and adopted by the Kleckners who took him and two other male cats home. Angus is very picky about having his stomach touched presumably due to being abused or hurt there and will bite anyone if they touch it. Angus took a while to get used to his new home and finally settled in. He took a liking to the Kleckner's daughter, Gabrielle [aka Gabe]. Angus loves to hang out with the ladies which means Gabe and her mom. He loves Gabe and loves being with her even sleeping with her at night. He purrs for her and cuddles with her. He is a very affectionate cat.

Personality Edit

Angus is a calm, affectionate, friendly, loving, playful, and cute boy who loves other cats and his family. He doesn't attack other cats and tries to get along with them instead. He loves to go outside and take walks outside walking on a leash which is very unusual for a cat. He loves to roll around on the cement while he's outside because it feels good on him. He also loves having his chin and cheeks scratched.