Newman [?-2011] was a cat owned by the Kleckners. It is was unknown when he was born, but he died in 2011.

History Edit

Newman was abandoned when he was younger and lived in a dumpster most of his kitten life. He mostly ate garbage during his life in the dumpster. He was found by a lady who took him to her pet store, Petco. Newman was adopted by the Kleckner family. Their daughter, Gabrielle is whom he took a liking to. He often slept with Gabrielle. He was also best friends with Roscoe, another cat owned by the Kleckner family and also was friends with Angus, another cat owned by the Kleckner family. Newman either often slept with Roscoe or Angus. Newman disliked Pumpkin and often attacked her.

Appearance Edit

As an Kitten: Edit

Not much was known about Newman's life about a kitten. All we know is that he was abandoned when he was a young kitten and spent half his life in a dumpster eating garbage.

As an Adult: Edit

Newman was a 20-pound fat orange tabby cat with an orange body and orange paws.

Personality Edit

Newman was a friendly, affectionate, fun-loving, and kind cat. He cared deeply about his owners and loved Gabrielle.