Pumpkin is a cat owned by the Kleckner family. She is a Dilute Calico.

History Edit

Pumpkin and her siblings were abandoned on a Pumpkin Patch. Her siblings died making her the only kitten left. The farmer did everything he could to help her siblings, but was unsuccessful. The farmer took care of Pumpkin until the Kleckners found her. She was adopted by the Kleckners who took her home with them and took care of her. She grew up in their care.

Appearance Edit

As an Kitten: Edit

Pumpkin was small enough to fit into someone's hand when she was a young kitten. She rode in Mrs. Kleckner's hand until they got home. She was very loving and affectionate to her new owners.

As an Adult: Edit

In no time at all, Pumpkin grew into an adult cat. She never had kittens of her own. She is a beautiful slender gray multicolored female cat.

As an Senior: Edit

Now currently a 12-year-old cat, Pumpkin is still her same gray color.

Personality Edit

Pumpkin is a friendly, affectionate, and loving cat. She often gets into fights with the Kleckners other cats. But she still is a very friendly cat. She loves attention and will stop at nothing to get it even bugging people to get it. She loves to sit on laps or by her family. She is very afraid of Roscoe who often attacks her.

Role In Gabe's Team Rocket Dream Edit

In Gabrielle Ann Gabe Kleckner's, daughter of the Kleckners dream, Pumpkin, and all of the cats in the world including the deceased ones were captured by Team Rocket, a group of teen Pokemon thieves now going after animals and were going to be used to take over the world. Each of them were put in cages, but Gabe came and fought off Team Rocket and rescued all of the cats and blasted off Team Rocket. She returned the cats to their rightful owners.