Roscoe is a cat that is owned by the Kleckner family.

History Edit

Before he was born, his mother who was pregnant with him and his siblings was rescued and pretty soon he was born and was named Boone. He kept this name until Mr. and Mrs. Kleckner came to adopt him. He is known as the scaredy cat due to being afraid of everything even though he wasn't ever neglected or abused. He was best friends with Newman, a former cat owned by the Kleckner family. He is now best friends with Angus. He often likes to attack Pumpkin.

Appearance Edit

As an Kitten: Edit

His mother was pregnant with him and his siblings, pretty soon, she gave birth to him and his siblings. As an kitten, he looked the same as he would as an adult only having blue eyes like all kittens did when they first open their eyes.

As an Adult: Edit

Roscoe is a multicolored cat with pointed ears, fangs sticking from his mouth, a black nose and green eyes.

Personality Edit

Roscoe is scared of pretty much anything including his own shadow. Overall, he is a friendly, and fun-loving cat. He loves to sleep with Angus and hang out with Pete. He also loves his owners.

Role in Gabe's Team Rocket Dream Edit

Roscoe was one of the cats that was captured by Team Rocket who captures both Pokemon and animals to use to take over the world. But Gabe arrived and rescued the cats and blasted off Team Rocket.

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